My wife bought me a video iPod this past summer for my birthday. I immediately felt it was way too cool for me; in fact, I felt like a blind man being given a Ferrari.

Since then, I’ve gotten past my feelings of inadequacy, at least as far as the iPod is concerned. I’ve imported my CD collection to the iPod (which reminded me just how many great albums I used to own on cassette tape) and purchased a couple of songs on iTunes. I’m now listening to Harry Potter #6 on the thing on my walk to work (yes, I don’t have to drive to work!). I’ve joined the iPod generation. Or something like that.

I’ve even played with the video on the iPod, which was a surprisingly good experience. The quality was fine, and the small screen really can be compensated for by holding the thing close to my face. Yet, I have not progressed beyond playing with video on the iPod to really seeking content and looking forward to viewing it. So I’m not surprised by a new study saying people don’t use the iPod for vid (

The question remains whether mobile device video is in the early adopter phase, or is a pipe dream. It’s an interesting question, and maybe I’ll tackle it tomorrow. Right now I need to listen to some more Harry Potter.