I suppose I said I’d talk more about video on the iPod and provide my thoughts on the matter. Of course, I wrote that yesterday, and by now the Video iPod is so passe. 🙂

To delve into the lack of uptake for video on the iPod I think you need to start with a question, “How do people use their iPods?” In NYC, they sit on the subway or on commuter trains, which are natural places to catch up on “Lost” episodes on a 2″ screen. But in most places and most cases, I don’t see people using iPods in circumstances conducive to focusing their full visual attention on a video. It’s a non-scientific finding, but I’ll stick with the observation until proven incorrect.

Can this change? Maybe. People bought TV’s in the early 50’s, spending a lot of their disposable income, not for the novelty, but to see Uncle Miltie and Lucy. If a phenomenal program comes along, and somehow is perfectly adapted to the medium, then maybe video will explode on the iPod. But I can’t think of anything specific about the mobile video medium to which programming can be uniquely adapted.

The greater possibility is a clever company like Apple offering exclusive programming. If it’s hot and everyone’s talking about it, and you can only see it on the iPod, well, then, you’ve got the goods, don’t you? This begs the follow-up question, “Why hasn’t Apple done this already?” Hmm. Maybe the iPod’s been so successful they see no need to make the investment and take the risk to push the video capabilities? If so, then they better watch out because someone will do it before them and everyone will be a Zuner or something like that.