CBS is reviving its record label. This is an interesting story. (Parenthetical: it’s funny I chose “reviving” as the word to contain the link to the story. Is there a correct grammatical usage for linking? Should I have used a noun?)

CBS will market the label purely as a digital distribution medium. It sounds like they won’t fret about copyright and free copies of music floating around the Internet. They’ll make some money through iTunes sales, but mostly they want to develop tunes for use with their programming. I have to say, they’re pretty smart to do this. They open up avenues to develop music for their shows, get to test the music to see if it’s got an audience, and then boost program ratings by pairing the online audience for the tune with the show.

Now I wonder if they’ll be clever in how they build their stable of musical artists? Will they go the old fashioned demo recording / scouting route or maybe be more clever and plug into a garageband sort of thing?