My brother has shared an interesting article in Wired with me. A crazy Wired reporter agrees to cancel his cable subscription. No, he doesn’t replace it with Satellite. He goes with the Internet — Broadband, baby. Take a look here.

The reporters treats the experience like a big social experiment. It’s an interesting read, but very superficial. For one, the experiment doesn’t last long enough to really track the change in media consumption behavior for the reporter and his family (how long does Nielson take before ‘turning on’ a new family and using their viewing habits to gather ratings statistics?). For another, he’s violating one of the laws we computer geeks have about the implementation of a new application: do not allow the users to dictate requirements and uses for the new application that would effectively reproduce what they currently have and are used to using.

If you’re going to take the new media plunge, why expend so much energy on watching the stable of programs put out by the big-4 TV networks? There’s so, so much more out there. I’d love to read about this guy prohibiting his family from watching any cross-over program from TV/Cable. Now that’d be interesting.