Lots happening in the ole New Media world, most of which is mildly interesting. For example, Netflix have announced they’ll allow movie rentals over the Internet, straight to your PC. Good for them — they recognize they’re dead in the water if they don’t start to offer such a service. But only Windows? Only PC? They’ve got to get their content to a TV to make this work.

Speaking about getting content to a TV, Apple announced their previously disclosed iTV product. The only suspense here was the name for the new product — iTV was the internal code name — and the brainiacs at Apple cooked up “Apple TV.” Wow.

Now, before I belittle this little product too much, I’ll say it’s got a chance to make a huge impact in the consumer market. Start with the price point: $300. I found it pretty funny that HP announced, the same week, a new Media Center TV for $1400 (after rebate).

In the short run, folks will look to buy Apple TV to connect their TV to their PC/Mac. The price is right. The real hook isn’t connecting your TV to your computer — 95% of the public won’t care about that — it’s connecting your TV to iTunes. The iPod model for TV. Not a bad idea.

In the long run, HP is on to something (and they’re not alone). Having a TV natively speak wireless networking protocols to connect to a PC is a good idea — at the right price-point and once there’s a good software tie-in on the PC side.

Now, if Netflix could have announced PC downloads along with a device or partnership with a hardware vendor to get the stuff to the TV, then they’d have something more than mildly interesting.

Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on Apple’s other new product, which has already been discussed to death even though it won’t be available for months.