Obits? Yes, even obituaries are going New Media. Check out the wonderful Art Buchwald piece offered up by the NY Times.

Somehow, this seems like an important development. If New Media is about breaking down barriers and redefining boundaries, then the obituary is the exemplary target for such reinvention. After all, what’s more personal and meaningful than an obituary? Conflate that notion with the scant paragraphs used to so meagerly represent a human lifetime and you can see the significance of adding sound and video and the means to widely distribute the piece.

While writing your own obit seems pretentious and possibly pedantic, doing a DV of your obit seems personal and moving. This leads me to think, why not create an obituary service for the masses? It could be a sort of a EuTube (sorry, couldn’t resist).

A person could record multiple vids over the course of his or her life. This would be a great thing for those left behind, and may even serve the greater good in a Calvinist sort of way by making folks more aware of how they’re conducting their lives. What better use for New Media?

I wonder, if this does come to pass, if YouTube ratings (1 to 5 stars) might be used. We could then surf virtual graveyards in search of 5 star goners.