I have posted about the concept of a Newsplex, and efforts to redefine news reporting in a new media age. Now I want to touch upon a specific case, the power of the Internet, and its shortcomings as well.

We live in polarized times, and all manner of social issues are now politicized. I do not wish this blog to be sucked into the political morass. There are excellent (and poor) blogs addressing all manner of political topics and messages. This is a blog about New Media.

My problem arises when trying to properly address New Media in its incredible breadth. Leaving out social implications springing from the media revolution we now experience would be both negligent and frankly make this a much more boring blog. So I am compelled to sometimes write posts about highly charged issues, and possibly offend some of you. All I ask is open mindedness and patience, and submission of comments where you feel I may have crossed the line.

Now on to writing my next post . . .