I intended to only post a review today of an interesting Web program, “It’s Jerry Time.” But before I do, I feel the need to discuss an I, Cringely article. In keeping with the theme from my earlier post addressing Google’s seemingly contradictory stances on Web TV’s viability, I want to close out the week with a brain-tickling thought, and maybe a reason to flip some of those Google shared into Apple stock.

I must admit, proportionate to their size as a firm, Apple garners quite a bit of attention, and this blog is no exception. What can I say? They do interesting things. One of these ‘interesting things’ involves the release of the iTV appliance, which was very much overshadowed by the hyped iPhone. This is where Cringely comes into the picture, with his theory on why Apple’s included such a hefty 40GB hard drive in an appliance that purports to only exist to connect computers with TVs. He speculates Apple plans on implementing a P2P network using the device.

Right about now, some of you are probably thinking, wow. Some are thinking, what’s P2P. And some are thinking, is this a new Sony Playstation? P2P is short for peer-to-peer. If you’re curious, read the Wikipedia entry on the topic.

Cringely speculates Apple plans to use the iTV as a device to download and store bits of popular entertainment, keeping these bits in your local neighborhood. Say there are 500 iTV units within a couple of miles of your home. Then Apple has 2000 GB of storage in close proximity, more than enough to serve up multiple streams of high-definition film, for instance. Starting to get it?

P2P’s main player nowadays is Bittorrent, which some say accounts for 1/2 of all Internet traffic. That’s a lot. Firms like Joost plan to use the good ole PC as their platform for P2P video sharing. But how much more powerful is the concept Cringely proposes? A lot. Why? TVs are where people watch longer-form (more than 5 minutes) content. Someone might want to tip off Comcast about Apple’s grand scheme.

Tune in next week for my review of “It’s Jerry Time.” Have a great weekend everybody.