Here’s an interesting new episodic series out on the Web. Douglas Gayeton has released “My Second Life,” a drama about a man, Molotov Alva (sounds a bit like Kaiser Sosa, nez?). The premise is that Alva has disappeared from the real world and reappeared in Second Life. The initial episode has also been released on YouTube – My Second Life.

The first episode holds some promise. The abstraction of creating a drama on top of the Second Life platform is clever, and may well provide some fun interactive avenues in the future. The episode is so-so in terms of quality; it’s well done from an animation standpoint, but the writing is a bit stilted. It bothered me that the opening takes place in the real world, but was shown using Flash animation. It would have been much better to use real footage and then cut to the Flash stuff for the Second Life segment. Overall, it held my attention and made me want to see what’s next.

Things get more interesting when you dig deeper. Molotov Alva is apparently a “Traveler.” Google and surf a bit and you’ll find various sites and videos on YouTube about the whole Traveler thing. There’s even a MolotovAlva user posting videos on YouTube. Whether this is a legit subculture or not, it’s certainly an interesting method for marketing the product.

I’d say you should check the video out if you have the time. It’s not worth dropping everything to see it, but I like the concept and feel the investment of a few minutes worth the effort.