I suppose it’s natural that bands are looking to user contests to find videos for their new releases. Especially after the treadmill thing exploded. It’s Music 2.0, baby.

I think the video for the Incubus song “Dig” is pretty noteworthy. Check it out: YouTube – Incubus_”Dig” (by kaamuz). I actually find the animation a bit stilted, though the style of the thing is neat. But the creativity is undeniable, and it ties into the song quite well.

Since this is a New Media blog, I can’t just stop with a mention of the video and a link, now, can I? What general and interesting statement can I make? That the video was done by a professional in an amateur’s contest? That the distinction between the two (professional and amateur) continues to blur? Naw, those points would be trite.

Here’s a thought. If contests like this rely on democratic voting, then we face what may be a tyranny of the masses. I think this significant to Media 2.0, one of whose fundamental tenants holds the Web up as a democratizing power, thus justifying and empowering all this Web 2.0 stuff. There are those who take the concept to the extreme, and use the democratizing power of the Web as a justification for copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property. But what does property matter in our brave new world? But I diverge from the main point here, don’t I?

My specific point here involves the intersection of creative art and mass appeal. I’d say most would agree that mass media often works against creativity in art. Isn’t it then natural to suppose mass voting, pure mob-rule democracy, may do the same? Sure, the majority of the people get what they want, but the majority by its very nature diminishes what the minority thinks, and squashes diversity as effectively as any record label executive could dream to do.

What we need are creative representatives. A mass vote to elect representatives to judge music video or any other contests or selection of creative materials. A Wikipolity of the Web. Constitutional Democracy 2.0. Food for thought.

That reminds me. It’s time for breakfast. See y’all later.