Pandora does a nice job of creating playlists of music based on the prescribed music genome project.  It furnishes you with music based on your taste.  Apple does something similar with the iTunes Genius playlist, extrapolating like songs in your library from any given song.  It’s simple enough stuff, once you have the metadata.

I wonder, though, if anyone has created a system to recommend music not just based on taste, but also on mood.  I took a quick look around and found a 2003 study on how to ascribe a “mood value” to a give piece of music.  This sort of system could provide half the solution.

The second half would have to determine your mood at any given time.  This article on quantifying mood gets at that notion, pointing out a couple of studies on how to gather this information.  The approach of categorizing mood values and then allowing you to self-evaluate seems crude.  Why can’t there be physiological measures to diagnose mood?  Certainly this would make the prescription of psychogenic drugs more scientific (though that’s a subject for a different blog).  We need a music mood-ring attachment for our iPods.  Oh, and please make it Bluetooth capable.