I attended my first Philly NetSquared Net Tuesday meetup.   NetSquared is a loose group, whose members share ideas on how to employ technology for social change.  There are chapters all over the world.  See if there’s a chapter near you.

Tonight, the Philly chapter departed from its usual presentational format and had a discussion on various books related to New Media.  I particularly liked the discussion of “Here Comes Everybody” and “Everything is Miscellaneous.”  The later seems like a good book to pair with one I’m reading now, “The Long Tail.”  “Miscellaneous” seems to deal more with the impact on society by breaking down the need to store and retrieve information in hierarchical structures limited by physical space.  “Tail”has much the same thesis, though it focuses on economic implications a bit more.

Here’s the full list of books (please be careful not to edit it): http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AjKj3dMWKGBZdEtnRjVQUHpGV0ZPMGlXQ0wtTlFiY1E&hl=en