We all create for one another. And our creations assume a life of their own.

My Maps

April 11th, 2007
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google maps, mashup
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I’ve moved into a new position in my firm, which has placed some new demands on my time (especially since I’m still in my old position). I’ll do my best to blog as much as I can. Google has a new feature built into its maps service. Check out the My Maps tab. It’s become […]

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Second Life

December 1st, 2006
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amazon, bezos, mashup, neuromancer, second life, virtual, william gibson
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Just about 4 years ago I interviewed for a product management position in cross-product marketing with They flew me out to Seattle, put me up in the chic W hotel, and then spent the entire next day grilling me with questions about scalability and logistics. It was a very surreal experience. During the 30 […]

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